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Oregon Horse Camp Sites and Trails is a venue for exchanging information, experiences and ideas related to horse camping and trail riding. I have shared what I like to call "trails less traveled " that are unmarked (not maintained) trails leading to some beautiful places. 

Navigating The Maps:
The "Horse Camps" and "TrailHeads" tabs have drop down menus with "Maps" and "List". Choosing maps presents the the locations of the campsites or trailheads on a google map. Choosing "List" gives a drop down list of the campsites or trailheads alphabetically.

You can also search for a campsite or trailhead by name in the "Search this site" box.
The icons at the top of the pages containing maps are filters. Clicking on an icon filters the map with only the selected category of campsite displayed on the map.
Campsites with fees
             Campsites without fees  
                 Campsites that can be reserved
  Privately Owned
  Trailheads with stock facilities
Trailheads without stock facilities

Navigating The Pages:
Oregon Horse Camp Sites uses information icon   and clickable photos to indicate that there is additional information available. Clicking on the icons on the google maps will display a photo of the campsite or an information icon  clicking on either the photo or  will take you to the campsite or trailhead page.

The info icon  located adjacent to the campsite or trailhead name takes you to the US Forest Service, State Forestry, State Park or County website. The info icon  adjacent to Reservations will take you to the reservations for the site.

Each page contains GMAP4 Topo maps and google maps for the site along with clickable google ads. Notice some pages have roll downs (indicated by solid triangle left of page name) to subpages containing maps and photos of trails accessed from the camp or trailhead.

General Information:

Since trail ratings are subjective there are no trail ratings. This site provides photos, videos and trail elevation profiles to convey trail information.
Gps tracks are created using a Garmin etrex 20 loaded with the Garmin TOPO U.S. 24K Northwest OR & WA data card.  Trail maps are created with National Geographic TOPO! 24k:1 maps. I have found that the tracks in the data card are reasonably accurate but sometimes they follow an old road instead of the trail. The topography and geographic features are very helpful for cross country navigation.
Photos in the site were taken with a Nikon camera or a GoPro Hero 3 HD camera. I get a lot of comments from people when I am wearing the GoPro Hero 3 on top of my helmet with the Da Brim visor. The videos and photos from the GoPro are high definition and hands free. It is always interesting to see what the camera saw after a ride. My usually routine in the evening is to download the GPS tracks, photos and video from the days ride.

Disclaimer: All maps and directions are for planning purposes only. Oregon Horse Camp Sites and Trails does not  explicitly nor implicitly  warrant the accuracy of the information contained herein. Use at your own risk. 
Feel free to send me an email with any comments, stories, photos or suggestions. Like Roy and Dale use to say "Happy Trails!".