Winopee Lake Trailhead
This area and Cultus Corral, the horse camp that is nearby, are less popular than the neighboring Quinn Meadows, but there is plenty of riding to be had here.

From Bend, drive south on Hwy 97 to exit 153 towards Sunriver.
Follow this road ( it eventually becomes Spring River Rd.) for almost 7 miles
and take a left on Forest Service Rd 40...following a sign that says Cultus Lake.
Continue on Rd. 40 for 15 miles until it ends, then take a left, go almost a mile and take a right
into the Cultus Lake area, which is Rd. 4635.
After approx. two miles take a left at the sign for the boat ramp. As you are turning you will see
a sign for the Winopee trailhead straight ahead, that is where you will start the ride, and although there is a parking area there, it is pretty small, and it is much better to park in the large paved boat trailer parking lot. (From Holly Blogs Her Adventures)